Door to Door Shipping


Ship packages from the comfort of your home. Place your order online for door-to-door parcel collection and delivery services, and your items will be picked up and transported to the address you choose. Booking a home parcel delivery is simple and easy with Seaborne Freight & Logistics Inc, all you have to do is use the tool below to start your order. Take advantage of our special rates for door-to-door parcel shipping services available worldwide.

At Seaborne Freight & Logistics Inc, we offer a wide selection of door-to-door services for shipping any item.
From simple parcel delivery to complex freight requirements, we will always find a solution for your needs.

When you decide in favor of our D2D freight services, your shipment will usually be so urgent and important for us. This is why, if you wish, we will pick up your shipment directly from your premises and deliver it by air freight or any other transport mode necessary making sure it reaches its destination in the fastest possible way and safe.

Door-to-door shipping services available internationally

Wherever you need your parcel to go, we will make it happen. Through collaboration with several logistics providers around the world, we offer international door-to-door deliveries to over 220 countries and territories. We work with other local transporters and global carriers to ensure every shipping request is fulfilled with the best possible solution.

We are proud to provide a fast and reliable home parcel delivery solution for connecting businesses with their customers and individuals with their friends and families.

Important information – International door-to-door shipping service

  • The courier driver should be able to park at least 15m away from the building, both at pick-up and delivery addresses;
  • The collection of your shipment will be done on the ground floor. When shipping big or heavy items, consider having someone to help you;
  • When arranging door-to-door freight shipping services, please inform us in advance if you require extra tools during collection, such as fork-lifts, tail-lifts etc.;
  • The courier may deliver the parcel to a neighbour if no one is present at the delivery address;
  • For international door-to-door deliveries outside the EU and USA, the items will go through customs procedures. Make sure to provide all necessary documents;
  • Pack your items appropriately. Follow our packing recommendations whether you are organizing a door-to-door express, standard or freight shipment.
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